Authors instructions


When doing your presentations please adhere to the following instructions:

- The time slots for the presentations will consist of 20 minutes: 15 for the presentation + 3 for questions + 2 for switching rooms

- We recommend about 1 slide per minute (approx.). Make slides readable, with introduction, developments and conclusions. Include the main mathematical equations but leave the deep technicities for the paper.  

- All presentations must be of a scientific nature. No company introduction or advertising is allowed. 

- Power Point 2016 will be available on the session computers. Either use this version or bring your presentation in pdf format to avoid incompatibilities. Use the 4:3 size for the slides.

- The format is free; there is no NOVEM2018 template for the presentations. 

- Check the time of your presentation on the Scientific Program / Timetable of this website.  

- 10 min before the start of your session please go to the corresponding room and upload your presentation on the room laptop. It is not allowed to use your own laptop for presenting.



The full-text paper submission for NOVEM2018 is CLOSED  and no more submissions will be accepted. In case of any problem with your submission please do contact the local organization through  novem2018@sciencesconf.org .

You will find Latex and Word templates in the submission section of your account. The deadline for the paper submission is the 20 January 2018. You will be notified once your paper is accepted.

The paper has to be uploaded in the "Submissions" section of your space in PDF, DOC, DOCX or ODT formats. It will be automatically converted to a PDF file. Please check the created file. The maximum number of pages is 12 and the paper should not be less than 6 pages. The full paper deadline is 20 January 2018

Contributed papers should be devoted to essentials, leaving room for extended discussions. Submitted contributions will be evaluated by the NOVEM 2018 Peer Review Board to ensure the scientific quality of the submissions. 

Special issue for best papers:

The Organizing Committee will evaluate the best papers close to the Forum topics to be included in a Special Issue of "Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part C: Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science" edited by SAGE.
Papers related to the aerospace field will be considered as well to be included in a Special Issue of "Advances in Aircraft and Spacecraft Science" edited by Technopress.
The evaluation will be made following the final paper submission. The delegates will be informed about these two opportunities during the congress.


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